Register Domain Name

To solidify your business or organisation as legitimate, it may be a good idea to register a domain name so that people can find you on the web. To register your domain name it is as simple as locating a registrar that you feel comfortable with and checking to make sure that the domain name you want is registered. Once the domain name is registered, you are the owner of that domain name for all intents and purposes; and as long as you pay to renew the domain name when it comes up for renewal, no one can ever take it from you.  Most domain names are registered for a period of one years but Australian domains (.au) are registered for two year periods.

Soon we will have a state-of-the-art online facility for registering Australian domain names where you can easily check availability and then submit a realtime registration request in just a few clicks.  However in the meantime, ff you are looking to register a domain name, we recommend the following site:

Netregistry – this company is billed as the overall #1 leader in providing domain names to Aussies. The company has been around since 1997 and claims to offer simple, no fuss domain name registration. If you have questions you’ll be able to log on and talk live with an agent through chat. For more information, log on to

You can register domain names at this site or choose another after you’ve done some careful research.